GREY, OR IRREVERSIBLE SPACE (fragments of the essay DEAD POINT, 2006)

The negative of white is black. The negative of black is white. The negative of grey is grey.
Black and white designate extremes in the realms of space. Grey constitutes a fixed,
unchanging, and irreversible point within it. A center.

This model, drawn from the field of photography, opens up before us a fantastic source of
inspiration for contemplating fundamental matters - life and death. The theater in which this
timeless, variegated passion play of death and birth, emergence and decay, creation and
destruction is played out is a space in all of its numerous physical and spiritual aspects.
Beyond everything, there exists time - a thread that links all events, bringing them into space
and forming an endless loop, a spiral.

Grey is a reflection of itself, and therefore has no opposite. It is the point at which the exterior
crosses over to the interior, a form for contemplation, a space for non-spatiality, a time for
timelessness. Everything in it for a moment is stripped of its characteristics and melts into
one, acquiring a non-dual nature.

Is this the same point at which the sun?s rays reflecting off an object intersect, transferring an
inverted apparition of it an instant later over to the other side? Using the power of my
imagination, I want to see this wondrous place through which light slips at each passing split
second, and along with it, ourselves. The point in which everything converges for a moment
and condenses almost to the point of disappearing, only to have the image reappear on the
other side as an inverted image.